The Gateway Centre,

founded in 1986 in Calgary, Alberta, is a spiritualist society open to everyone interested in Spiritualism and willing to tap into their spiritual and psychic energies.
We are a registered not-for-profit society, administered by a Board of Directors. 
We offer services every Sunday evening, development circles, private readings with mediums, as well as other activities and events.

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Available Services

Weddings and Renewal of Vows

Our Minister has provincial authorization to solemnize marriages. We can also provide Wedding Blessing services and Renewal of Vows Services. All services can be traditional or can be tailored to suit the wishes of the couple.


A Spiritualist funeral is a tribute to the individual who has taken his/her transition to the Spirit World and is a grateful acknowledgment of that person's presence in the lives of others. On this poignant occassion, holding a service that recognises a person's individuality and importance to family, friends and other loved ones, is a final act of love and respect, and a celebration of that person's life. We are privileged to offer this service in our Sanctuary or another location of your choice.

For further information regarding weddings, vow renewals, or funerals please contact Rev. Claudia Orr at 403-288-6717.

Mission Statement

The following words of Maurice Barbanell's Spirit Guide Silver Birch best describes the Gateway Centre's mission: "Our allegiance is not to a creed, not to a book, not to a church but to the Great Spirit of Life and to His eternal natural laws." Mission Statement

Our Purpose

To educate people about spiritualism, and promote spiritualism as a science, philosophy, religion and important element of a way of life.

Our Vision

We want to be a well-managed and financially viable organization that continuously attracts new members thanks to an efficient administration, effective marketing, and the offer of quality services that always respect our values.

Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit society open to everyone, which provides services, workshops, social events, and access to materials and resources about spiritualism to those who want to learn more about spiritualism, incorporate the principles of spiritualism into their life, grow personally, and develop their mediumship abilities.

Our Values

We believe in the Great Spirit of Life that is within everything, always has been and always will be, and that can be demonstrated through communication with those who live in the spiritual world by the way of mediumship. We abide by the following words of Maurice Barbanell's spirit guide Silver Birch: "Our allegiance is not to a creed, not to a book, not to a church but to the Great Spirit of Life and to His eternal natural laws."