Monday  Circle

Facilitated by Amanda Kramar

This is a closed circle where advanced participants practice a candle gazing meditation which brings energy to the third eye and increasing concentration. Through consistent active meditation, you can increase state of awareness, which will hone your focus and help with spiritual advancements.

Tuesday Circle

Facilitated by Anna Prytula
Phone: 403-813-8256
Fee: $40 per month or $10 for drop-ins
Start time: 7:00 pm (Please arrive early as doors are locked promptly at 7:00)

This is a drop-in circle and is open to those willing to develop their psychic abilities and/or mediumship.
Please note: This circle alternates between a traditional format and a workshop format, allowing each sitter to discover and explore their abilities using a variety of techniques.
Anna dedicates the first Tuesday of each month to Trance Development.

Wednesday beginners Circle

Facilitated by Rev. Claudia Orr
Phone: 403-288-6717
Fee: $40 per month
Start Time: 7:00pm

This is a beginners circle that has a strong focus healing practices and on Sitting in Power as an introduction to mediumship. Sitters must be willing to meet regularly every week.

Contact Rev. Claudia Orr at 403-288-6717 to register.


Facilitated by Lynn Hobkirk
Fee: $40 per month
Start Time: 7:00pm

This circle is open to those who has some meditation experience and are ready to blend it with Spirit, and are willing to commit to meeting regularly.

The focus of this circle is on Sitting in the Power and working on our blending with Spirit for the purposes of mediumship.



Why attend a Development Circle?

  • It creates a common ground with others, creating a nurturing and stable environment.

  • It offers the opportunity to share experiences.

  • It helps create discipline.

  • It offers an opportunity to assist in the development of others' mediumship, while working toward your own.

  • It offers an excellent support group.

  • It offers the assistance of a teacher who can guide you in your development.

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