Board of Directors

Minister: REV. Claudia orr

Rev Claudia Orr had been the minister at the Gateway since 2008. She has been a Spiritualist for many years and was first ordained in the United States in 2007 and received her Canadian ordination from the Spiritualist Church of Canada (SCC) in 2011. Claudia previously sat for three years as Western Liaison for the SCC.

Claudia is a Spiritual Healer and teaches the church healing classes at the Gateway, she is also a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, a Certified Reflexologist and a Crystal Bowl Sound Healer.

Rev Claudia is available for weddings, memorials, child naming services, as well as other ceremonies.

vice president: Rowena Water

Rowena was born in Clacton-on-Sea Essex UK which she understands is (according to Google) about an hour and six minutes’ drive to Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall if the traffic is good. That is the closest Rowena has ever been to Arthur Findlay College to this day, although attending mediumship training there remains a dream of hers. Rowena has lived all across Canada and became a Canadian citizen at age 10. Following the tradition of her British Grandmother Joan, who was a gifted psychic medium, Rowena has always had a connection to Spirit, both as a child and young adult. She is a self-taught tarot card reader and has done tarot card readings for approximately 30 years. As an artist, Rowena incorporates spiritual themes into her paintings and drawings. After moving to Calgary in 2008 Rowena completed Reiki Levels 1 & 2 while studying Raja Yoga at Sunshine Yoga Academy. She became a certified yoga instructor on July 20, 2016. When Rowena met with Rev. Claudia Orr for tea at "Naked Leaf" on August 3, 2017, she couldn't have foreseen all the amazing changes that would soon unfold in her life. Rowena started with Claudia's Circle “Sitting in the Power” Group on October 25, 2017 has been sitting with a Circle at Gateway ever since. She taught “Spirit Yoga” at the Gateway for a spring-summer session last year and has been actively volunteering her intuitive services for Gateway events ongoing.

TreAsurer: Zhanna Korovina

Zhanna was born in Russia and moved to Canada in 1998. In 2017 she was introduced to Getaway Centre  and learned more about world of spirit. Zhanna always believed in afterlife; her mother was a spiritual healer with a passion to help children. Zhanna decided to pursue the same path and as a first step she got her 1&2 degree Reiki with Claudia Orr (winter 2018) and became a member of Wednesday's "sitting on the power" circle in Gateway Center. 

While studying and researching about spiritual world through workshops, circles and Getaway community,  Zhanna decided to continue her study, and help others who wants to know about spiritualism. Zhanna is grateful to find the path that led her to the Gateway Spiritualist Centre and she is honored to be useful and support Gateway's philosophy and ideas. 

secretary: Marrieta cruz

administrator: Donna Granat

President: Elena Kolesnikova

Elena was born and raised in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), Russia. Moved to Canada in 2005. Elena is married and has two children - one on Earth and one in Heaven.

Became a member of The Gateway Center in 2017, and started to develop her spiritual growth.
 Elena was spiritual all her life and never doubted the world of spirits. Since she remembers she has been in contact with her spiritual guides, and practiced channeling.
As a natural healer Elena founded a great enjoyment in Reiki healing, and got certified 1&2 degree with Claudia Orr in winter 2018, and 3&4 degree in fall 2018. 
The sudden death of Elena's son in 2016, changed her life dramatically. The Gateway Center plays a huge role in Elena's life now, and she would love to return the favor and be useful member for The Center as much as possible.

Videographer: Nadia kolesnikova

Nadia is an eighteen year old girl who is a student in the Mount Royal University. She is a weekly participant here at The Gateway Spiritualist Centre. Nadia completed Reiki Levels 1&2 with reverend Claudia Orr in 2018. She sits in on the beginners Wednesday circle, with leader, Claudia Orr. Nadia has loved learning more about spirituality ever since the passing of her brother, Daniil, in October 2016. She also enjoys helping out at The Gateway, and filming for the YouTube channel! Some of her hobbies include: acting, directing, singing. She has volunteered at the Sage Centre Hospice and Rosedale Hospice, and hopes after graduation from Mount Royal University to find herself working as a psychologist. Nadia believes in Holistic health where she can combine her healing and spiritual knowledge with the knowledge of psychology, and help many to create balance in their physical and spiritual worlds.

If you have any questions for the Board of Directors, are interested in joining the Board, or wish to send us a message, please visit our contact page.